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Lebanese International Artist with MFA, BA in Philosophy & Social Studies and Certificate in History of Art.

15 years of experience in Art management, Curating, Art consultancy,  Art teaching.

Moved to Abu Dhabi in 2006.

Claude Habib speaks Arabic, French, English and German (moderate).

Founder of La PAROLE Art Gallery & Studio 2009 in Abu Dhab-UAE.

Part time Art Instructor in Sorbonne University Abu Dhabi since 2011 to date.

Collection Artist in Musée Paul Valéry – France since 2011.

Her Artwork, “PORTRAIT PAUL VALÉRY”, Cement on fortified wood, is transformed into a “postcard" by Musée Paul Valery and is available for sale at the museum to become the first Female Arabic visual artist to have her work printed as a “Postcard”.

Claude Habib is classified by Musée Paul Valéry as a "Neo-expressionist artist"; she is known for her mixed media work where she combines hard materials with soft paint touches that invites the viewer to look deeper trying to figure out the contradictory creation.

C.HABIB has curated, managed and participated in numeral Art Exhibitions since 2006 to date in The UAE and France.

She has been commissioned for sever projects in the United Arab Emirates like the Ministry of Labor creating large scale mixed media paintings/oeuvres; her work is owned by private collectors locally and regionally.




Abu Dhabi - UAE



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